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    • The following terms and policies are put in place for anyone and “you” that uses our website. Anyone and you are referring to the customer or viewer of our website. You agree to be 18 years of age or have consent from your parent or legal guardian and comply with our terms and policies for US Gaming Clan, US Gaming Clan LLC, and www.usgamingclan.com (Website). These (Terms and Conditions) have been set in place by US Gaming Clan LLC.
  • Changes to Terms and Conditions US Gaming Clan LLC or “we” reserve the right to update, change. or amend our Terms and Conditions. By using and continuing to use our services, website, and store, you are agreeing, understanding, and accepting the Terms and Conditions. You as a viewer and continued viewer or responsible to reviewing our Terms and Conditions regularly.
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  • No Illegal Use
    • There is to be no illegal or prohibited use of our services and website. You may not unlawfully gain access to sensitive info, data, and or material. This includes but is not limited to damaging, flooding, disabling, tampering, etc.
  • Membership
    • Registering on our website requires correct information and accuracy. Your info must be kept secret, safe, and secure to prevent account loss, hacking, etc.
  • Disputes
    • If you have a claim against US Gaming Clan LLC it must be forwarded to 215 W. 10th Florence KS, 66851. You agree that all legal disputes or claims be settled in the county of Kansas which US Gaming Clan LLC resides.
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