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Officially Relaunched

US Gaming Clan has returned from the depths. We are currently looking for new members to join and help us build the #1 Online Gaming Organization! What would you like to see in our community? Join our Discord to apply! #gamingclan #gamingcommunity #recruiting #onlinegaming

New Controller Grips

US Gaming Clan has added its first gaming accessory! We are proud to announce the launch of USGC Grips. The controller grips, improve performance, increase comfortability and add style to your controller. We are launching with 12 unique colors and plan to add more in the future! This is a step in the direction of providing our gamers a one-stop-shop for everything gaming. We cannot wait to see what comes in 2020! Happy Gaming, US Gaming Clan LLC

Memorial Day SALE

MEMORIAL DAY SALE!! Take huge discounts on USGC MERCH in celebration of Memorial Day and warmer weather! ❤️?

Borderlands 3 Revealed

Gearbox Software held a show at Pax East revealing several additions in the Borderlands Franchise. They showed off a new Claptrap card game, Borderlands Remastered, Handsome Jack Collection 4K UHD, as well as the highly anticipated Borderlands 3. In the beginning of the show Randy Pitchford announces that Borderlands will not be a Battle Royale game. He showed his appreciation for the game though. This is what most fans wanted to hear it seems. The community cheered to the news! Borderlands Remastered will be available April 3rd which is right around the corner. It is said to feature new loot,…

Borderlands 3 Teaser “Mask of Mayhem” Trailer

An image taken from the "Mask of Mayhem" Trailer Gearbox has put together a teaser trailer showing characters that look familiar to Borderlands 2 as well as some new faces! You can see new vehicles in the cinematic as well! The teaser has a dubstep sound as the audio which makes the hype even higher! Gearbox will be livestreaming a reveal for 1 hour tomorrow (3/28/2019) at 11am PDT / 2pm EDT! Will BL3 have a Battle Royale, Multiplayer, etc.? What are you thoughts on the trailer and what do you want most out of the game? Watch the trailer…

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