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This is the first hoodie that was introduced to US Gaming Clan! This hoodie is a 50/50 blend of polyester and cotton. It will keep you warm but is light enough to be a daily hoodie through the fall, winter, and spring!

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10 reviews for Original Hoodie

  1. Fuel The Fury (verified owner)

    This is the best hoodie for the winter. I’m finally able to represent my org proudly on my chest. Hope they make t’ s and other products soon. Comfortable and good price

  2. USGC Assassin

    I was one of the first to receive one of these hoodies! I have to say, they are pretty comfortable! They keep you warm when needed, but they are also light enough to wear through the fall and spring! I definitely suggest this hoodie to anyone who wants to rep the US Gaming Clan and look stylish doing it!

  3. usgcgoddess (verified owner)

    I received one of these hoodies yesterday and I love it and I’m excited to wear it around and represent the clan. The design is very clean and the material is very soft on the inside and it’ll be great for the cold weather.

  4. USGC x Voltage (verified owner)

    I got my hoodie today and was totally excited to see I got it and it’s great it fits perfect and it’s really comfortable to wear!!

  5. USGC Reckless (verified owner)

    I have received my white hoodie from the community. It is awesome to be repping my community with a sweatshirt. They are very comfortable already and I just received mine. I love the hoodies! What an awesome product to have for this community. I will be wearing this hoodie a lot to represent the community and just to have a warm hoodie on thank you for the amazing hoodie!

  6. USGC Animalia (verified owner)

    I love it ! I just got it and it’s already my favorite hoodie

  7. USGC Dragon

    This is the best hoodie I have bought in a while. The fabric is nice and soft, there isn’t a rough feel to the logo on the from and it generally just looks amazing when you pull it out of the package, I recommend this hoodie for everyone! Thank you guys for getting it out as fast as you did!

  8. USGC DAMO (verified owner)

    Absloutley awesome product got it fast i am so glad to be apart of this awsome community

  9. USGC Skittle (verified owner)

    Great hoodie love the quality and the feel of it 🙂

  10. USGC Apollo (verified owner)

    Awesome Quality, just gives off a warm and cozy feel!

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