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Next Fallout will be Fallout 76

Checkout the Official Teaser Trailer below! The Next Fallout will be Fallout 2076! What do you think about this idea? Leave a comment below!  

Battlefield V Reveal

Dice has revealed the next Battlefield in the series. The game was teased as Battlefield V and later revealed as WWII setting. Watch full reveal: Trailer:   Reveal Notes Below: -Coop is back in this Battlefield known as combined arms -Deeper connection to the world around you -Classic Modes will return as well as well as new -Grand operations or "operations" will be coming back -2 weeks from today there will be hands on gameplay in Los Angeles -War Stories will return -New fortification system -No more premium pass, no more paying for maps or modes -Tides of War brings…

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Reveal Notes

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 reveal happened today and we want to discuss a few big announcements. Zombies, MP, and Blackout (BR Mode) will be coming but no "Campaign". This COD will most definitely be boots on ground. Below are a few notes we took while watching.   NOTES: No jet packs or wall running. BOOTS on GROUND. Weapons have added 3D tracers Specialists added Seraph Torque can lay down razor wire Firebreak Returns with the Reactor Core Return of League Play Solo Missions have stories behind backgrounds of specialists Zombies Mode returns Zombies brings a new story with…

Watch Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Reveal

Tune in and watch the Call of Duty Live Reveal now! See gameplay and much more revealed to the community!

Rage 2 Confirmed

Rage 2 has been announced by Bethesda! A gameplay trailer is set to come tomorrow. Also, we could possibly see some action at this years E3!

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